Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Click-It Club Encourages Kids to Wear Seat Belts

KANAB, UT – Kanab Elementary School has started a "Click-It Club". This program is designed to promote proper seat belt use among students every time they get into a vehicle, while encouraging other passengers to do so as well.  Students at Kanab Elementary signed a pledge and have the chance to win prizes as they keep track of how often they wear their seat belts.

Nationwide, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury and death for children ages 0-14.  “We sometimes think that because we are not driving very far or very fast that it’s not necessary to buckle up,” explains Lexie Little, Community Outreach Specialist with the Southwest Utah Public Health Department.  “We conducted seat belt observations at Kanab Elementary School and discovered that more than 50% of drivers and passengers were not buckled up. We also noticed young children sitting in the front seat, where they are at greater risk of being injured by an airbag or crash impact.”  

“My son and three of his friends were involved in a car accident several years ago which reiterated the importance of wearing a seat belt,” remembers Tom Cram, Kanab City Police Chief. “After football practice, the boys got into my son’s car and everyone buckled up except for one kid. They were t-boned in an intersection and the unbuckled kid was ejected out of the car. The car rolled and landed on his head, crushing his skull. He was life-flighted and luckily lived, but the rest of the occupants walked away with only minor scratches because they were properly restrained."

Braxton Bateman, Principal of Kanab Elementary, says “We're happy to partner with the health department to promote passenger safety. Our students are excited about the program and the possibility of winning prizes for participation.” 


The mission of the Southwest Utah Public Health Department is to protect the community's health through the promotion of wellness and the prevention of disease.

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